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Image of water collection facility

The Valley Springs Sanitary District was formed in February of 1940. Paperwork was started to get the permits required from the state of California to put in a collection system and a Imhoff tank and Oxidizing Lagoon. At that time the system consisted of a drainage ditch to carry liquids away from town. Due to unforeseen circumstances and then war time the existing collections system and the initial plant were not built until 1957. Over the past 50 years there has been many upgrades done to the plant including a 92 acre foot storage pond and a 36 acre spray disposal area.


Valley Springs Public Utility District Valley Springs Sanitary District The first water system in Valley Springs Consisted of reservoir water that was brought via an Aqueduct from the Mokelumne River. Parts of that Aqueduct can still be seen today along Paloma Rd. The Pattee family put in wells and a new reservoir and piped it to town. That was known as Valley Springs Water Works.


In 1948 with the help of the Valley Springs Improvement Club, Valley Springs Public Utility District was formed. Within A few years VSPUD bought the entire water works from the Pattee family and formed a fire department. Over the next few years a new storage tank was added along with the existing 100,000 gallon tank bringing the storage capacity to 300,000 gallons.


In 2011, after five years of planning, VSPUD secured a loan/grant with USDA for a new Well and Storage Tank. The Tank added an additional 200,000 gallon capacity of water storage for Valley Springs.


Valley Springs PUD and Valley Springs Sanitary District were merged to become VSPUD just a few years ago. The Directors were merged into one governing board. Valley Springs PUD currently serves approximately 400 homes and businesses in the town of Valley Springs.